September 2022


Libertarians Are Winning


The most common criticism of Libertarianism and the Libertarian Party is that we can't win. Duopoly politicians would like you to believe that we are doomed to oscillate between Red and Blue every four years, choosing the lesser of two evils and making the world worse and worse with every election cycle.However, Americans are starting to wake up and are saying that enough is enough. There are more Americans who believe a third party is needed (a majority!) than ever, more members of the Libertarian Party than ever, and a consistent upwards trajectory in terms of Libertarian votes on every level of government.Libertarians have been elected around California, governing hundreds of thousands of people and taking a brave stand to push back against big government in D.C. and Sacramento. The question now isn't "can Libertarians win" but "how far can we go!" It's time to stand on our principles, capitalize on previous success, and give the Duopoly a run for its money.

The lesser of two evils has never been good enough for the greatest country on earth, the greatest state in the nation, or the greatest county in California, so let's send a message this November by voting GOLD and continuing to set America free!


Upcoming Events:

Full Calendar


Please RSVP if you intend on coming to any of the events! It helps us reserve the correct number of tables and prepare for all the libertarian activists in (and beyond) Alameda County. In addition, please bring enough cash to cover your own food & drink as there will not be separate checks.


September Monthly Meet and Greet: We will be holding our next monthly meet and greet in September! Join us on the second Friday of this month (September 9'th) at Drake's Barrel House in San Leandro for dinner, discussions, and drinks.

Come out if you want to learn more about libertarianism, the Libertarian Party, how we are advancing change in Alameda, and how you can get involved in spreading liberty! Our exceptional candidates and project leaders will be there to brief attendees on opportunities to help.



October Quarterly Business Meeting: We will be holding our next Quarterly Business Meeting in October! Join us on Thursday, October 13'th, at Monaghan's in Oakland to plan the upcoming quarter and prepare for the primaries and midterm elections we are contesting.

The Executive Committee will be there to update everybody about the progress of the party and vote on plans for the future. Everybody is invited to weigh in, and liberty advocates from around the county (and perhaps even beyond) will be there to help guide our next quarter! Get your membership today to vote on central committee propositions.


Wine and Liberty: Every year, we hold Wine and Liberty, the LPAC's annual county fundraiser, which consists of a luncheon, wine tasting, and an auction every year. Wine and Liberty takes place at Westover Vineyards, a boutique family winery nestled in scenic Palomares Canyon (15 minutes from Castro Valley). The reservations are coming soon (look out for an email blast!), but it will take place in October.

Michael Lema Needs Door-knocking Volunteers!

Michael Lema is a Hayward Native, Veteran, Journeyman Electrician, and Hayward's next City Councillor! As the only Libertarian in a field of Democrats, Michael is providing a desperately needed perspective and is advancing plans that Democrats and Republicans are too scared to pursue, such as neighborhood watch and ending the lockdowns that will help Hayward improve and move forward.

Michael is positioned to win, but he can't do it alone. His competitors are funded by corporations, unions, and of course, the Democratic Party, with plenty of volunteers and money to spare. To overcome these institutional challenges, Michael is launching a door-knocking campaign to meet voters face to face and let them know what the Duopoly is keeping from them.

This will be a many-week-long event, so you can sign up for whatever times works for your schedule at!



Oakland Pride Booth Volunteers

Every year, the Oakland Pride festival is a day of celebrating our differences and all of the progress that our county and country have made over the last few decades. This year, Libertarians are returning to a booth at the festival as the only party that has supported LGBTQ+ rights since our founding over 50 years ago, and we need volunteers to help spread the message of tolerance and liberty!

The festival will be held on Sunday, September 4th, and will last from 10:30 am to 7:00 pm. You can sign up for the following shifts:

Set up: 7:00am-8:30am
Shift 1: 10:30am-1:30pm
Shift 2: 1:15pm-4:15pm
Shift 3: 4:30pm-7:30pm, including breakdown at 7:00pm.

To sign up, please click the button below or email [email protected]!


2022 Donations!

At the start of this year, the LPAC launched our newest yearly fundraising initiative: 2022. To capitalize on the momentum that libertarian activists have built in our county over the last few years, we need funds to take on the duopoly and turn interest into election victories. Our yearly goal is to have 22 people donate $20 a month and raise $5,000 for our candidates and outreach in this election cycle and beyond. Unfortunately, politics is still a rigged game, but every donation helps us level the playing field and advance liberty in your community! Please donate and remember to switch the kind to monthly!

@lpalamedacounty is our handle on all platforms