Executive Committee

The Libertarian Party of Alameda County is managed on an ongoing basis by an Executive Committee comprised of seven officers who are elected annually by the LPAC Central Committee membership: Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and three At-Large Positions. These elected officers may, at their discretion, appoint additional Executive Committee Members to provide leadership for various subcommittees (e.g., Activities, Campaigns, Fundraising, Publicity).


John Ferrero
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John Ferrer is the third year Chair for the Libertarian Party of Alameda County. He was born and raised in Oakland and joined the Libertarian Party in 2018 to improve their outreach and get Libertarians elected to office. His task has simple goals, shrink government involvement to peoples lives and allow maximum freedom with minimal government control on any level. He believes we can voluntarily help each other without a government program that simply fails every time it is poorly instituted and holds a large tax burden to people who actually could choose their own causes to donate to, or participate in if they had the opportunity to do so.


Elizabeth Stump
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Elizabeth Stump has always been a Libertarian, but didn't know it. She voted for Ron Paul in 1988 out of protest, because she could not stomach voting for either Bush or Dukakis, in her first presidential election. In 2011, she learned about the Libertarian Party and realized she had found a party in which she didn't loath half the platform. Prior to becoming Vice-chair, Elizabeth has served multiple terms on the LPAC Executive Committee. Betz has actively applied her professional background in high-tech Public Relations to libertarian causes at the local, statewide and presidential campaign level.



Michelle Ellison
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Michael Lema
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Michael Lema is a Journeyman Electrician, and is studying to become an Electrical Engineer, He turned to the Libertarian Party during his enlistment in the United States Marine Corps after seeing how poorly the government ran things. He moved back to California after his enlistment was over and joined the Libertarian Party of Alameda County, where he now serves as Secretary. Michael hopes to grow the local LP and to show the residents of the county, that the Libertarian Party isn't just the "third option" but the ONLY option, in true Liberty.

At-Large Member

Jim Eyer

I have been a registered Libertarian since 1977 and a member of the Libertarian Party since 1990. Prior to becoming LPAC Vice-chair, he served as LPAC Chair for ten years and LPAC Secretary for three years.

Professionally, Jim is Owner/Principal Analyst of E&I Consulting specializing in end-use energy efficiency, renewable energy and advanced electric technologies, concepts and markets. His final fifteen years focused on electricity storage, with an emphasis on benefits and value propositions. He has served as Senior Advisor for California Energy Storage Alliance, Senior Analyst for Distributed Utility Associates, and held multiple positions with Pacific Gas and Electric including R&D planning and management, electric supply planning and commercial energy efficiency services.

Jim has performed benefit-related evaluations of and authored numerous reports and articles about distributed energy resources, especially storage, related for a variety of clients. Of special note, Jim is author and principal investigator of the seminal report Energy Storage for the Electricity Grid: Benefits and Market Potential Assessment Guide, published by the U.S. Department of Energy and Sandia National Laboratories’ Electric Energy Storage Program in February 2010.


At-Large Member

Darren Gill
[email protected] 

I was born a Libertarian. It took Ron Paul in his 2012 presidential run to give me the vocabulary to explain how I thought and feel. I want people to live their lives how they see fit as long as it doesn’t hurt or take from others.


At-Large Member

Theodore Gercken

[email protected]

The LPAC welcomes Theodore Gercken as the newest member of our Executive Committee who has also been an active volunteer in building up our Social Media presence and managing our web development.Theodore Gercken is a high school student in California. He is the acting Vice-Chair for the Libertarian Youth Caucus, a nationwide organization with chapters of highschoolers and college students across the nation, and chairs his school's chapter. He has also helped out on and worked for Libertarian campaigns on the local and national levels. Theodore loves speech and debate and is putting his skills to work to fight for a world set free of big government.