Our Mission: the Libertarian Party of Alameda County supports Libertarian candidates for public office and promotes libertarian principles, positions within Alameda County and beyond.

Quarterly Business Meeting!

Join us on July 8'th for our quarterly business meeting at 7:30 pm.

2820 Mountain Blvd
Oakland, CA 94602



We now have LPAC T-Shirts available for purchase! Donate $25, let us know your size (use the contact form), and pick up your shirt at our next monthly county meeting. They're super high quality and they look great!


2021 LPCA Convention

LPAC members had a great time attending the Libertarian Party of California annual convention in Visalia (May 15-16). A highlight was the election of LPAC Executive Committee Members Elizabeth Stump and Michael Lema to the LP California State Executive Committee: LPAC Vice-chair Elizabeth Stump was elected as LPC At-large Member and LPAC Secretary Michael Lema was elected as LPC Alternate At-large Member. Congratulations Betz and Michael!


2021 LPAC Annual Election of Officers

At our February Business meeting, a new Executive Committee was elected to serve thru January 2022. Welcome to your new 2021 LPAC ExCom:

Left to right: Jim Eyer (At-Large), Elizabeth Stump (Vice-Chair), John Ferrero (Chairperson), Michelle Ellison (Treasurer), Darren Gill, (At-Large), Terry Floyd (Secretary - thru April 2021) and Theodore Gercken (At-Large). Not shown: Michael Lema (Secretary as of May 1, 2021).


Quarterly Business Meetings  for 2021

Next meeting: July 8, 2021

Remaining 2021 Quarterly Business Meetings for 2021: July 8, October 14.

Non-business Monthly Social Meetups
Second Thursday of every month: August 12, September 9, November 11 & December 9 (Holiday Party). Meeting locations are set month-by-month.

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