Libertarian Party of Alameda County

Mission: The Libertarian Party of Alameda County supports Libertarian candidates for public office and promotes libertarian principles and positions within Alameda County and beyond.


Yearly Executive Committee Elections will be held February 11th (instead of January), location and time, TBD later.

We have branched out on social media!

LPAC now has a page on

WELCOME THE LIBERTARIANS AT College Preparatory School!

Students at College Preparatory School in Oakland have founded a Libertarian Club.  Let's welcome these young Libertarians and show support.  Their web site is currently located at:


Quarterly Business Meetings  for 2021

Next meeting: January 14th, 2021

6:30pm - this will be the executive committee only, held in a private residence.

April 8, July 8, October 14.  Location and times TBA later, as lock-down conditions change.


Non-business Monthly Meetups
Second Thursday of every month: February 11 (Elections), March 11, May 13, June 10, August 12, September 9, November 11 & December 9 (Holiday Party).

Locations for meeting going forward is now tentatively set month-by-month as lock-down conditions change. 


Social Media Links: