May 2022


Let's Get To Work!

As the 2022 midterm elections are coming up right around the corner, we at the LPAC have been reflecting on past victories and losses and the progress that we have all made together towards setting Alameda County free. Since 2002, we have more than doubled our share of votes in the county, gotten a fully operational party with community and state leaders serving at its helm, and promoted liberty with increasingly well-attended events at least once a month for years. Now, we know that we are ready for our next challenge, and we hope that you will join us because it is finally our time to win!

In the 2022 midterm elections, we have wonderful candidates running for office around Alameda who have real shots at winning and making a difference in our community. However, just like our previous victories, we cannot do it alone! So, read on in this newsletter for profiles on two of our outstanding candidates and how you can help set Alameda County free!


Upcoming Events:

Full Calendar

May Meet and Greet: Make sure to mark your calendars because the Libertarian Party of Alameda County will be holding our next monthly meet and greet in May! Join us on Friday (May 13'th) at Townhouse in Emeryville for dinner, discussions, and drinks. Please bring enough cash to cover your own food & drink as there will not be separate checks.

Come out if you want to learn more about libertarianism, the Libertarian Party, how we are advancing change in Alameda, and how you can get involved in spreading liberty! Our exceptional candidates and project leaders will be there to brief attendees on opportunities to help.

In addition, please RSVP if you intend on coming! It helps us reserve the correct number of tables and prepare for all the libertarian activists in (and beyond) Alameda County.


National LP Convention! The next national Libertarian Party convention will be held nearby in Reno, Nevada, at the Nugget Casino Resort from May 26 to May 29, 2022. Anyone may attend the convention, but to participate as a voting delegate, you must be a member in good standing of the national Libertarian Party or of the Libertarian Party of California, be a registered Libertarian Party voter, and be nominated and approved at the Libertarian Party of California convention or by the LPC Executive Committee (all at least 90 days before the convention).To register for the national LP convention, go to the Convention Registration Link at the national LP website. To join the national LP, go to their website.

Christopher Kula for California

Christopher Kula is ready to break up the duopoly in Alameda County! An anti-mandate organizer around California, Christopher has already successfully led libertarians in pushing back against governmental overreach. However, seeing the dire situation in Alameda County, he has decided that enough is enough and declared his candidacy just last month for Assembly District 18 (the map above outlines the district). Currently, no challengers are running, and Christopher is the only one brave enough to stand up and provide another option. However, he cannot do it alone. He needs signatures from voters in his district to be registered as an official write-in candidate so he can garner the votes needed to advance onto the top 2 general election. So, if you are ready to turn the statehouse gold and show Democrats that they have to answer to the people in Alameda, email [email protected] to arrange a time to sign his candidate papers or come to one of our future meetings (listed above)!

Michael Lema For Hayward

Michael Lema is a Hayward Native, Veteran, Journeyman Electrician, and your next City Councilman! Michael is a true Hayward Native. Born in the city in 1996, he attended local schools, including Hayward High, found his friends, family, and community in the city, and coached soccer and baseball for over six seasons. Now he is running for City Council to give back to his city in a new way: making it a better place for all of its residents. Michael is also a veteran. Serving in the United States Marine Corps for five years and advancing to the rank of Sergeant, he got to see firsthand what it meant to fight for his country, and now he wants to do the same for his city. After being deployed in 2018 to the Middle East to support Operation Inherent Resolve, he is ready for a new challenge, using the freedoms he fought for to better his entire community. Now he is back in Hayward as a Journeyman Electrician, studying to become an Electrical Engineer, and take his next steps as a dedicated member of the Hayward Community.

Michael Lema is running on a platform to clean up the city and reaffirm all of its residents' freedoms. On Education, Homelessness, Security, and COVID-19, Michael only stands for one thing: Hayward.

David Theroux



For decades, David Theroux has been a freedom fighter worthy of being called a true libertarian. As the founder of the Independent Institute, he led one of the oldest Libertarian think tanks in California and helped to spread the message of liberty from their headquarters in Oakland. A LPAC member, he helped to guide policy in the Bay Area by combining his scholarly rigor with effective partisan outreach that held leaders accountable and defended the people. David was a dear friend to many in our community and he will be missed by all.


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The system is rigged. From filing fees designed to keep Libertarians off the ballot to news stations that only cover community leaders who can pay, American politics is designed to disenfranchise you and silence your voice. It shouldn't cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars to get your presidential candidate on every ballot, but it does. It shouldn't cost your candidates thousands of dollars to run a winnable campaign, but it does.


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