June 2022

Being a third party in the United States can be challenging. Around us, we see the situation getting worse and worse, people voting for the same failed solutions, and the duopoly gaining even more control. In addition, partisan tricks such as gerrymandering and restrictive ballot access laws can make it hard to see an end in sight. However, the political landscape in America is changing, and right now, with so much wrong with our system, that change is coming even faster. In the 2020 presidential election, the highest turnout race in decades and one that both sides heralded as the most important yet for the future of our country, only 66% of adults voted, and the biggest reason cited was that they just didn't care (Census Department, 2021). And, with this disaffection with the system rising, 62% of Americans believe a third party is needed, an all-time high (Gallup Polls, 2021).


While it is true that the system is rigged against us, we are seeing a swell of support from around the country. We can galvanize Americans who have rejected the two party system, offer a new vision for this country, reshape American politics, and bring freedom to millions of our fellow citizens. However, the biggest obstacle standing in the way of the victory is the public perception that we can not win. We need to build a bench of candidates winning elections at the local level, showing their community that they can represent the interests of the people far better than the Republicans or Democrats. By starting small and building trust, the candidates for City Council today can be the elected Libertarian Congresspeople of tomorrow.


That is why the midterms this year are critical. As the government expands faster than ever, Americans are looking for a solution. Volunteering, donating, and voting to help elect Libertarians across Alameda, California, and America has implications far beyond this election cycle. I know that we can set America free in our lifetimes but only if we strike while the iron is hot and start now. Join me and the rest of the Libertarians in the LPAC because, together, we can make a better America.

Theodore Gercken,
Secretary of the LPAC

Upcoming Events:

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Please RSVP if you intend on coming to any of the events! It helps us reserve the correct number of tables and prepare for all the libertarian activists in (and beyond) Alameda County. In addition, please bring enough cash to cover your own food & drink as there will not be separate checks.


June Meet and Greet: Make sure to mark your calendars because the Libertarian Party of Alameda County will be holding our next monthly meet and greet in June! Join us on Friday (June 10'th) at Gen Korean BBQ House in Fremont for dinner, discussions, and drinks.

Come out if you want to learn more about libertarianism, the Libertarian Party, how we are advancing change in Alameda, and how you can get involved in spreading liberty! Our exceptional candidates and project leaders will be there to brief attendees on opportunities to help.


July Quarterly Business Meeting: We will be holding our next Quarterly Business Meeting in July! Join us on Thursday (July 14'th) at Monaghans in Oakland to plan the upcoming quarter and get ready for the primaries and midterm elections we are contesting.

The Executive Committee will be there to update everybody about the progress of the party and vote on plans for the future. Everybody is invited to weigh in, and liberty advocates from around the county (and perhaps even beyond) will be there to help guide our next quarter! Get your membership today to vote on central committee propositions.

2022 Libertarian Party Convention

This weekend, many of our members traveled to Reno, Nevada to serve as delegates and alternates to the Libertarian Party bi-annual convention. They spoke on critical issues, voted for the new LP Executive Committee and assorted other leadership positions, and debated platform amendments. In addition, Elizabeth Stump, Graham Brown, and Christopher Kula became Libertarian Party lifetime members! You can watch the recording of the convention on youtube and read the report (once it is published) on the party's website.


Michael Lema For Hayward

Michael Lema needs your help! A Hayward Native, Veteran, and Journeyman Electrician, he is running for Hayward City Council to take on corrupt politicians and bring freedom back to his hometown. He has promised to end the lockdowns, empower his fellow citizens, and curb the taxation and expenditure of the city. However, while he is receiving community support and has a clear path to victory, as a Libertarian, he has a target on his back. Michael will have to work twice as hard and have twice the resources just to get past the duopoly's stranglehold on city hall.


Michael has proven himself as a community leader to the citizens of Hayward but he needs your help to get the resources needed to provide a real choice to Hayward's voters in November. If you could volunteer for the campaign, endorse Michael, or donate money to the cause, you can be part of the first step towards setting Hayward free from big government. Let's join Michael and set Hayward free!

2022 Donations!

At the start of this year, the LPAC launched our newest yearly fundraising initiative: 2022. To capitalize on the momentum that libertarian activists have built in our county over the last few years, we need funds to take on the duopoly and turn interest into election victories. Our yearly goal is to have 22 people donate $20 a month and raise $5,000 for our candidates and outreach in this election cycle and beyond. Unfortunately, politics is still a rigged game, but every donation helps us level the playing field and advance liberty in your community! Please donate and remember to switch the kind to monthly!

@lpalamedacounty is our handle on all platforms