December 2021


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December Holiday Party! Join the Libertarian Party of Alameda County on the second Thursday of this month (December 9'th) for our annual holiday party! This year we will also be celebrating the extra-special 50'th anniversary of the Libertarian Party with affiliates from around the country. This year's celebration is on the heels of our 2021 election results, in which the party won over 100 seats and helped to bring liberty to city councils and committees around the country! In addition, we will be hosting a voluntary toy drive, so, if you would like to, bring an unwrapped toy to donate to the Hayward Fire Department. The meeting will take place on December 9'th at 7:00 pm at Buffalo Bills in Hayward.


January Quarterly Business Meeting! Join the Libertarian Party of Alameda County on the second Thursday of January (January 13'th) for our quarterly business meeting and annual officer elections! The Executive Committee will be there to update everybody about the progress of the party and vote on plans for the future. Everybody is invited to weigh in, and liberty advocates from around the county (and perhaps even beyond) will be there to help guide our next quarter! In addition, all members of the LPAC will be able to run for and vote on our Executive Committee leaders for the next year. Get your membership today!


California LP Convention! The next Libertarian Party of California (LPC) convention will be held from Friday, February 18, 2022, through Sunday, February 20, 2022, at the Long Beach Marriot Hotel, 4700 Airport Plaza Drive, Long Beach, CA 90815. Although anyone may attend, to participate as a voting delegate during the convention, you must have been a member in good standing of the party and be registered as a Libertarian Party-affiliated voter 90 days before the convention (i.e., two weeks ago). However, anyone can, and is encouraged to go, even if they are not a delegate, to participate in the decision-making process for our state party and help advance liberty in California! To register to attend the LPC convention, go to the Convention Registration Link at the LPC website. For new or renewed membership in the Libertarian Party of California, go to their website via the following links: New Members and Renewal. Note that you will need your previously used login information to use the renewal link.


National LP Convention! The next national Libertarian Party convention will be held nearby in Reno, Nevada, at the Nugget Casino Resort from May 26 to May 29, 2022. Anyone may attend the convention, but to participate as a voting delegate, you must be a member in good standing of the national Libertarian Party or of the Libertarian Party of California, be a registered Libertarian Party voter, and be nominated and approved at the Libertarian Party of California convention or by the LPC Executive Committee (all at least 90 days before the convention).To register for the national LP convention, go to the Convention Registration Link at the national LP website. To join the national LP, go to their website.

Michael Lema For Hayward

Michael Lema, the LPAC Secretary, announced his candidacy for Hayward City Council last month. Already, his candidacy has broken our candidate fundraising record and web traffic goalposts. He has a clear path to victory, community support, and a great campaign team. If you want to get involved, the campaign needs volunteers and donors! Be on the lookout for events in the future!


Michael is a true Hayward Native. Born in the city in 1996, he attended local schools, including Hayward High, found his friends, family, and community in the city, and coached soccer and baseball for over six seasons. Now he is running for City Council to give back to his city in a new way: making it a better place for all of its residents. Michael is also a veteran. Serving in the United States Marine Corps for five years and advancing to the rank of Sergeant, he got to see firsthand what it meant to fight for his country, and now he wants to do the same for his city. After being deployed in 2018 to the Middle East to support Operation Inherent Resolve, he is ready for a new challenge, using the freedoms he fought for to better his entire community. Now he is back in Hayward as a Journeyman Electrician, studying to become an Electrical Engineer, and take his next steps as a dedicated member of the Hayward Community.

A Message From Our Chair

- John Fererro (Chair of the LPAC)

In Alameda County alone, we have seen a healthy surge of registered Libertarian voters over the last two years (in addition to a doubling of our county membership!), and in 2022 we are preparing to run local to "be the change" that many have Americans want to see. Small unobtrusive government, personal freedoms restored, and fiscal responsibility with our tax dollars are our top priorities for the new year. Alameda is filled with hard-working people, and every dollar taken from them to fund mismanaged programs and false promises is a theft from us. In 2022, you will start to see real choice on your ballots and candidates ready to prove that large "state" planning does not work and that Alameda is ready to dismantle the "state" one brick at a time.

Calling All Candidates/Get Involved!

In 2021, an off-year election, Libertarians nationwide nearly doubled our elected officials with almost 200 wins in just one night. These leaders are winning locally, helping their communities, and moving up the ranks to influence more and more change. In 2022, Alameda County is ready to join the gold wave. And, there is one significant way you can help. If you want to sign up to run for office, let us know at, and we can help build you a campaign team and win your election. However, if you don't want to run, you can still sign up, and we will help you get appointed to one of the hundreds of empty positions in our county.


Even if you don't want to hold office, volunteering to help our party or one of our campaigns could make the difference between victory and defeat.

The United States is divided into regions for the purpose of representation on the Libertarian Party of America's Executive Committee. Each region is made up of states that together comprise 10% of the membership of the Libertarian Party, and each region can elect their own Region Representative to sit and vote on the Executive Committee. For years, California has been the only state in the nation with enough members to be its own region and elect its very own national representative. This cycle, we hit the 10% mark again and continue the history of Californian exceptionalism in the LP. Thank you to everyone who joined over the past few months to make this happen!


In addition, new numbers show that over the last two years, the Alameda County Party's membership has more than doubled, leading to the increase in candidates, volunteers, donors, and active participants in spreading liberty that we are currently seeing. Thank you to everyone who joined over the past two years to make this happen! Join today if you want to be part of this swell of Libertarian support in California and Alameda!

The Libertarian Youth Caucus of California

America has many organizations that exist to spread the ideals of libertarianism to the next generation. However, as they are mostly operating as non-partisan organizations, without an intentional connection to the Libertarian Party, large-scale political activism is inefficient and, because of that, in many cases nonexistent. Students in these organizations may enjoy learning about libertarianism and debating their friends, but they are not being equipped to make change in the broader world. That is where the Libertarian Youth Caucus steps in. The LYC seeks not just to spread the message of liberty to America’s youth but to cultivate future leaders and candidates for the Libertarian Party. Our members go out into the world with party connections, knowledge of actual campaigns, and the toolset to start channeling their ideals into real-world action.


California is organizing an official LYC affiliate for our state as this email is being sent out! However, they need a leadership team ready to jump into action, managing existing local affiliates in the state, starting new ones, and spreading liberty of California's high school and college campuses. If you are interested in applying to join the Executive Board or want to start a local chapter of your own, email [email protected]. If you want to learn more or join the caucus:


Over the last year and a half, Westover Winery has been damaged by the state and countywide mandatory closures. However, they have continued to help support the LPAC, including hosting our annual fundraiser, Wine and Liberty! Now, we can help to support a local libertarian business.


Westover Winery is open from 12:30 am - 5:00 pm every weekend for tastings. No appointments are required! You can email or text them at [email protected] or 510-677-7209.

Your Article Here!

The LPAC is looking for writers or podcasters who would be interested in using their talents and our platform to help spread liberty in Alameda County! Whether you want to write an Op-Ed for our website/newsletter, report on the latest big government scam, or do something else entirely, let our communications director know at [email protected] or

@lpalamedacounty is our handle on all platforms