April 2022


Cross-County Cooperation

Over the last year, Libertarian parties around California, and especially in the Bay Area, have seen tremendous growth and increased focus on fielding candidates and winning office. Over the last few months, volunteers from other counties have stepped up to advance our candidates, and volunteers from Alameda County have helped the new leadership in many neighboring counties get their bearings and start to advance liberty. That exchange of skills, ideas, and resources is critical in order to advance our mission and set all of us free, together. If you are a Libertarian activist who needs support in Alameda, or anywhere else, email [email protected]. We will be happy to help! Going forward, we would like to provide opportunities in this newsletter, on our social media, and in person to engage in cross-county cooperation. Look out for candidates from counties like Contra Costa listed on our candidates page and opportunities in our publications! In addition, you can check out two of our more active neighbors directly, the Contra Costa County LP and the San Fransisco LP!

Upcoming Events:

Full Calendar

April Quarterly Business Meeting: Join the Libertarian Party of Alameda County on the second Thursday of April (April 14'th) for our quarterly business meeting! The Executive Committee will be there to update everybody about the progress of the party and vote on plans for the future. Everybody is invited to weigh in, and liberty advocates from around the county (and perhaps even beyond) will be there to help guide our next quarter! Get your membership today to vote on central committee propositions. In addition, please RSVP if you intend on coming! It helps us reserve the correct number of tables and prepare for all the libertarian activists in (and beyond) Alameda County.


Annual Ski Trip: Join the LPAC on our annual ski trip! While we missed hitting the slopes with everyone over the last two years, now that the lodges are open and COVID is behind us, we can resume our tradition that our members have enjoyed for over ten years! We will be renting a house at Mountain Rose just before the closing day of the skiing season. The cost will likely come out to around $150 per person (not including transportation, the lift, and ski rentals). If you are interested in attending, contact Peter Schoewe at [email protected] to pay, be in the loop about plans as they develop, or ask any questions you may have.


May Meet and Greet: Join the Libertarian Party of Alameda County on the second Friday of May (May 13'th) for our monthly meet and greet! If you want to learn more about libertarianism, the Libertarian Party, or just what we're doing, come out! Our exceptional candidates and project leaders will be there to brief attendees on opportunities to help. Please bring enough cash to cover your own food & drink as there will not be separate checks. In addition, please RSVP if you intend on coming! It helps us reserve the correct number of tables and prepare for all the libertarian activists in (and beyond) Alameda County.


National LP Convention! The next national Libertarian Party convention will be held nearby in Reno, Nevada, at the Nugget Casino Resort from May 26 to May 29, 2022. Anyone may attend the convention, but to participate as a voting delegate, you must be a member in good standing of the national Libertarian Party or of the Libertarian Party of California, be a registered Libertarian Party voter, and be nominated and approved at the Libertarian Party of California convention or by the LPC Executive Committee (all at least 90 days before the convention).To register for the national LP convention, go to the Convention Registration Link at the national LP website. To join the national LP, go to their website.

Libertarian Party of California Quarterly Business Meeting

This month, for the first time in a while, the Libertarian Party of California Quarterly Business Meeting was held in Hayward! The three Alameda County members of the Executive Committee, as well as other interested activists, had a great time debating budgeting, committee selections, and post-convention preparations to make California as free as it can be. The day ended with a fundraiser for Michael Lema (more details below), a Libertarian running for Hayward City council!

Scholarship Program

We are now two months into our first scholarship competition, and we only have a few months left until we crown the winners! So, students who are thinking about submitting a video or essay should start working on it, answering the question, "How should a Libertarian government respond to a local or state political controversy of your choosing?" Let any Libertarian (or libertarian-leaning) teenagers you know in Alameda County know because the essay contest will award a first-place $1,500 prize, a second-place $500 prize, and the video contest will award a first-place $1,000 prize, and a second-place $300 prize! Entries must be submitted by May 31'st to [email protected].

Michael Lema For Hayward

Michael Lema, our own At-Large Executive Committee Member, is our leading 2022 candidate, and now our leading fundraiser for liberty! He announced his candidacy for Hayward City Council late last year, coordinated charity efforts such as our toy drive, and is starting to work with existing leaders to improve Hayward, even out of office! Finding success in polls and drawing a clear pathway to victory, he has picked up the support of the Libertarian Party of California and the LPCA Candidate Support Committee in his journey to city hall.

Last month, after the Libertarian Party of California Quarterly Business Meeting, Michael held a fundraiser for Libertarians around the state. Supporting the Salvation Army and local Hayward Businesses, party members and ordinary residents alike bought tickets to have dinner with Michael and discuss the city's future. Well over a thousand dollars was donated to advance the cause, and even if you missed the fun, you can still help add to the total and advance liberty at www.lema4hayward.us/donate.

Michael embodies our mission to win local, improve the lives of Americans with libertarian policies, and work our way up. He has pledged to get kids back to school, end mask and quarantine mandates, and work with the community, not against it, when it comes to policing, including creating a neighborhood watch program. These are local, winnable, libertarian issues, and his success is reflecting that; already, his candidacy has broken our candidate fundraising record and web traffic goalposts. If you want to get involved, the campaign needs volunteers and donors!

Open Offices!

Even if you don't want to run for public office and try to win an election, there are many ways to get involved with your government and make decisions to bring liberty to your local area. Across Alameda are committees spending taxpayer dollars and creating regulations that are appointed, not elected! These committees are generally out of the public eye and don't have a lot of interest. If you are interested in making change in your community, email [email protected] and we can help you get appointed!


Additionally, 19 seats are open on the county's Civil Grand Jury, responsible for investigating public offices and how taxpayer money is being spent. If you are interested in applying, you can submit an application at http://grandjury.acgov.org/join-us.page, no later than April 15'th.

Your Article Here!

The LPAC is looking for writers or podcasters who would be interested in using their talents and our platform to help spread liberty in Alameda County! Whether you want to write an Op-Ed for our website/newsletter, report on the latest big government scam, or do something else entirely, let our secretary know at [email protected] or