November 2022


Please RSVP if you intend on coming to any of the events! It helps us reserve the correct number of tables and prepare for all the libertarian activists in (and beyond) Alameda County. In addition, please bring enough cash to cover your own food & drink as there will not be separate checks.


November Monthly Meet and Greet (Election Night Party): Make sure to mark your calendars because the Libertarian Party of Alameda County will be holding our next monthly meet and greet (and an election night party) in November! Join us on Tuesday (November 8'th) for dinner, discussions, and drinks. Please bring enough cash to cover your own food & drink as there will not be separate checks.

As with a regular meet and greet, come out if you want to learn more about libertarianism, the Libertarian Party, how we are advancing change in Alameda, and how you can get involved in spreading liberty! Our exceptional candidates and project leaders will be there to brief attendees on opportunities to help.


Vote Michael Lema For Hayward City Council!

Michael Lema is a Hayward Native, Veteran, Journeyman Electrician, and Hayward's next City Councillor! As the only Libertarian in a field of Democrats, Michael is providing a desperately needed perspective and is advancing plans that Democrats and Republicans are too scared to pursue, such as neighborhood watch and ending the lockdowns that will help Hayward improve and move forward.

If you live in Hayward, make sure to vote Michael Lema for City Council next month!



Ballot Measure Recommendations

In just a few weeks, voters from around Alameda will go to the polls to elect our leaders for the next two to four years. However, while candidates are undoubtedly the most exciting part of campaign season, our ballots are dominated by measures and propositions that are essentially pieces of legislation in disguise. Because of this power, it is very important to make an informed choice on these measures, so below are the LPAC's recommendations!


Prop 26: No

Prop 27: No

Prop 28: No

Prop 29: No

Prop 30: No

Prop 31: No

Measure G: No

Measure I: No

Measure J: No

Measure U: No


2022 Donations!

At the start of this year, the LPAC launched our newest yearly fundraising initiative: 2022. To capitalize on the momentum that libertarian activists have built in our county over the last few years, we need funds to take on the duopoly and turn interest into election victories. Our yearly goal is to have 22 people donate $20 a month and raise $5,000 for our candidates and outreach in this election cycle and beyond. Unfortunately, politics is still a rigged game, but every donation helps us level the playing field and advance liberty in your community! Please donate and remember to switch the kind to monthly!

@lpalamedacounty is our handle on all platforms