May 2020 - Meeting Minutes

Libertarian Party of Alameda County

Online Business Meeting -  May 14, 2020


Attendees: Michelle Ellison, Jamie Dluzak, Jim Eyer, John Ferrero, Betz Stump


Called to order by John Ferrero at 7:30 p.m.


Betz will be moving into a new home the night before our June meeting, and so may not be able to attend. Reports that we’ve had 400 likes for our Facebook page this month, 100 more than this month last year.


Jamie Dluzak gave an update on his Senate campaign. May not wish to have a candidate statement in the voter information pamphlet if it costs more than the $2,000 limit allowed for his campaign to spend before having to file financial statements with FPPC.


Starchild said May 23 will be another Sacramento demonstration against the COVID-19 lockdowns and the government’s assault on our constitutional rights. Small businesses are encouraged to open for operations on that day, if not longer.


Discussed Zoom online convention test last night 05/13/2020. An in-person convention would be preferable, but not likely. Orlando, Florida convention in July?


Greg Ahern, Alameda County Sheriff, has asked for more money for more police officers from Supervisors.


Oakland, Denver and other cities have legalized/decriminalized psilocybin and there is a growing movement to do so statewide.


Betz Stump new address: (street address removed for privacy) Castro Valley, CA