November 3rd 2020 LPAC Voter Guide on Candiates, Props & Measures

Libertarian Party of Alameda County Voter Guide


Federal Election:

Jo Jorgensen (L) - President

Spike Cohen (L) - Vice President

State Elections:

Jamie Dluzak (L) - California State Senate District 9

CA Senate District 9 include the cities of San Leandro, Oakland, Emeryville, Berkeley, El Cerrito, Richmond, San Pablo, Pinole and Rodeo.

State Propositions:

All of the following positions were endorsed by the Libertarian Party of California Executive Committee. For an explanation, click the proposition title below.


County and City Measures:

No   Measure V (County Fire stations)

No   Measure Y (OUSD Bond)

No   Measure FF (Berkeley Fire & Safety)

No   Meausre UU (Piedmont Bond)

No   Measure WW (Washington Township Bond)

Analysis behind the recommendation of "NO" on County/City Measures, courtesy of Marcus Crowley, President, Alameda Taxpayers' Association.



The Cities and Agencies in Alameda County have a rash of Tax Measures scheduled for the November ballot.  Every one of them uses gimmicks to mislead the voters into believing that the public will receive the stated benefit.


The ‘General Tax’ Measures uses the gimmick word ‘May’ to imply that the voters ‘Will or Shall’ receive the listed benefits.  However, the governments meaning of the word ‘May’ is ‘Might.’  The government uses ‘May’ to imply that ‘This Tax has been approved for the (listed benefit) and will be used for that purpose.’  The next twist on this ‘May’ gimmick is that the ballot explains that the (new) tax will be placed in the General-Purpose Fund to be spent for general government purposes.  A General Tax requires only 50% majority voter approval.  If the (new) tax were actually pledged for the listed benefits, the tax would be a Special Tax and would require 2/3 voter approval. 


This year the popular government tactic is ‘Threaten the Voters.’  Many of the General Tax measures are dedicated for ‘essential services’ or ‘critical services,’ such as the County Sales Tax (for Homelessness).  The General Tax lists a long list of benefits the voters rely on such as ‘911 emergency’, ‘fire & disaster’ and ‘drug intervention.’  The implication is ‘Voters, Listen up! Vote For this Tax or the services you depend on might be cut.’  This alarming threat is false because the Resolution and supporting documents have no analysis about a shortage of funds for the popular community purposes.  The Measure(s) fail to mention the biggest financial problem.  All these governments have a huge Pension Deficit problem.  All these new taxes may be diverted from the General-Purpose Fund to the Pension fund to solve the administrators’ biggest financial problem, namely, their own Pensions.  The ballots are silent about Pensions.


The ‘Special Tax’ Measures, such as V (County Fire stations), Y (OUSD Bond), FF (Berkeley Fire & Safety), UU (Piedmont Bond) & WW (Washington Township Bond) are dedicated to vague purposes with vague oversight.  Special Taxes are required to list the ‘specific purposes.’  For example, the Berkeley FF (Fire & Safety) Special Tax is for

  • Firefighting (Does this include paying off the Pension Deficits of firefighters?)
  • Hazard Mitigation (Does this include bureaucrats contemplating Mitigation? And bureaucrats enforcing and collecting the code enforcement?)
  • Wildfire & Prevention (This vague purpose could mean about ANYTHING)

These Special Tax Measures fail to explain any details about oversight.

  • Who will be on the Oversight Committee?
    • Friends of the government?
    • Special Interest Advocates?
    • Will the Oversight Committee have access to an Annual Audit?
    • Will the Oversight Committee report to the public or to the Fox?
    • Will the Oversight Committee have funding to correct diversion of funds?
    • Will the Oversight Committee have a vote on the expenditure of funds?
    • Will the Oversight Committee be ignored?


Each year the ‘specific purposes’ are more-vague than ever.  Don’t be suckered by vague purposes of Special Taxes.  Voters must reject all vague purposes.  Don’t vote for Forever Tax.  Require that new taxes expire after 5 or 6 years. Make the government return to the voters to prove their performance.


By: Marcus Crawley – Pres. Alameda County Taxpayers Association, Inc.

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